Monday, March 22, 2010

Silver lining: Was a new GOP star born Sunday night?

Sunday night was not good for conservatives opposed to health care reform. The hours of watching C-SPAN were rewarded with a swift kick to the nuts when the health care reform votes were made.

But was there a silver lining to the night? Certainly, one of the few highlights was the impassioned speech that House Minority Leader John Boehner delivered. But twice in the day before that, we heard from Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.

Honestly, I'd never seen this man speak before, but in a Republican party that is filled with divisive voices like Mittens Romney, Sarah Palin, John McCain, Rush Limbaugh and any other talk radio/Fox News shmuck, this man makes sense. Check out his first speech to Congress Sunday where he called the health care reform proposal "the mother of all unfunded mandates:"

That's good stuff, isn't it? How about his speech later in the evening?

Keep an eye on this guy. He's the type of conservative who Americans can rally behind without involving divisive social wedge issues. His motivation is restoring the prosperity of America, and doing so by restoring freedom and liberty. I can get behind the good congressman from Wisconsin on this.


Craig said...

I agree. Have you seen this?. It's good stuff. He also performed well at the little health care summit. He knows his policy, like a Newt Gingrich without the baggage. He might make a great Speaker of the House.

Anonymous said...

You know, Rep. Ryan's health care proposal was one of the most effective and comprehensive health care reform bills I have ever seen... it's too bad both Republican leadership and Congressional Democrats refused to give it a chance.

I believe individuals like Rep. Ryan will save the GOP.

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