Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Vice President Biden:

Sunday was a bad day.

Monday was a good day to let off steam, and I felt like Jonathan and I (and lots of callers) put on a good two hours of radio (which you can listen to here and here, incidentally.)

When I come home from work, I always anticipate seeing if I get anything in the mail. Usually there's nothing, and if there is, it's a bill, magazine or credit card offer. Lately there's been a crap load of MBA brochures coming and admissions stuff from the UofU. Today, however, was an "URGENT" envelope with the return address none other than the vice president, Joe Biden.

Inside the envelope was nothing more than propaganda about how we need to "join together and elect more Democrats to the Senate and House so we can help President Obama achieve his agenda." On a nice little bookmark-type thing, there's a list of "3 Republicans We MUST Defeat in 2010."

It appears that Richard Burr, Roy Blunt and Rob Portman are the three biggest sources of JoeBama's heartburn. Anywho, I'm obviously not going to be sending these fools any money to help them further stack the deck, but I feel I should use the postage-paid return envelope for a good purpose.

Now, keeping in mind that I am not going to put sugar in the envelope and send it back, are there any suggestions out there for a pithy note I could put together and send back? Something that sends a message of "F*** you all," but with a little more tact. Any ideas?

I should add, the letter arrived on March 22, but was dated February 26. That speaks significant amounts about either the speed at which the Democratic party operates or the efficiency of one of our premier government-ran organizations, the USPS.


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